Practice Team

Practice Management

Practice Manager
Mrs Samantha Hilton is the Practice Manager and is responsible for the staff and administration of the practice.

Assistant Practice Manager
Mrs Jane Frost


Office Manager

Mrs Una Barter


Medical Secretaries

The practice employs three Medical Secretaries:

  • Mrs Geraldine Barry (Kent House & New Ash Green)
  • Mrs Valentina Frimpong (Kent House & New Ash Green)
  • Ms Juliet Ewart (New Ash Green)


The Receptionists are charged with the task of trying to meet the demands of doctors and patients.  Please do not be offended if you are asked to provide information about your problems. Please rest assured that the rules of confidentiality apply equally to all practice staff. A brief explanation of your problem may enable them to suggest the right person for advice, or offer the most suitable appointment. Please help them to help you.