What happens next?


The GP will write a referral that they think is appropriate and send it to the consultant that you have both agreed on, this will include any relevant medical details about you. If an insurance company has asked for a specific form to be completed you will be charged for this additional work. 

You should contact the consultants team directly to arrange an appointment. Should there be any appointment issues in the future, you should contact them directly. 


What happens if I need a test or procedure?


If the consultant thinks you need any tests or a surgical procedure, the consultant is responsable for:

  • arranging the test and any medications that might be needed for this as well as explaining how and when you will receive a date and what to do if the date is not suitable for you; 
  • giving you the results and explaining what they mean (this may be done in a separate appointment with the Consultant or by letter). 


You should not contact us to discuss results organised by others, its is the consultants duty to discuss these with you.


What should I do if I have any questions?


If you have any questions you should contact the consultant you have been referred to.