About Clarion.


Clarion have been delivering domestic abuse services for more than 35 years across the Southeast region. They provide a wide range of community services and safe accommodation to men and women who have been impacted by trauma of abuse or those who are currently experiencing abuse. Their friendly staff are on hand to provide support, advise or guidance. Many people need there help to regain control of their lives and to live safely and free from abuse. Clarion will work with people to help build the life they want to lead.


Working in partnership.

Clarion are commissioned by and work with Kent county council, Medway council and East Sussex county council to provide these services.


Additional support services.

Clarion IDVA & Outreach (Kent & Medway) 0737 6637069 (office hours)
• Mankind
01832 333 4244 or mankind.org.uk
• RESPECT men’s advice line:
0808 8010 327
• Dads unlimited – (DAVE) www.saveDAVE.ORG.UK
01233 680 150
• Domestic abuse support services for Kent and


Male victims of domestic abuse.

Do you know who to turn to?

Clarion understands how difficult it can be for males suffering domestic abuse or other forms of violence to seek advice. You might feel scared, isolated, confused and ashamed. You may feel worreid and afriad to tell anyone about your situation. But you are not to blame for the abuse, and you are not alone. Clarion can provide you with support, advice and they will do everything they can to help.