Health and wellbeing coach.


Introducing Sam Ward-Corderoy who will be working alongside us at jubile medical group and meopham surgery.


What is a health and wellbeing coach?

One of the common challenges we hear from GP's are time restrictions, which can have a direct impact on the patient. To help manage this challenge, a health and wellbeing coach can provide a patient, with face-to-face or virtual coaching sessions, each consisting of up to an hour timeframe, over a period of 12 weeks.


What is coaching?

The purpose behind coaching is to allow the patient to explore and discover both their desired outcomes, and the current limitations preventing the patient from achieving those outcomes. The role of the health and wellbeing coach, is not to provide a solution or medical advice, but instead alow the client to explore, and discover their own solution. Through this process, the health and wellbeing coach can provide the appropriate support, including relevant signposting material, and onwards referrals where applicable.


If you would like to be referred to this service please complete an econsult.