A converted bus offering a one-stop-shop for health and wellbeing plus Covid-19 vaccines is touring Kent and Medway until the end of March.

On board the double-decker bus, residents will be able to have a Covid-19 vaccine and get their BMI, blood pressure and heart health checked. 

Trained NHS staff will be able to advise on how to be healthier and fitter, how to stop smoking, how to reduce alcohol consumption, and where to find cancer




Bus locations

Horsted Retail Park (Homebase)
10am to 4pm daily

Tuesday, 14 February
Wednesday, 15 February
Thursday, 16 February
Friday, 17 February
Saturday, 18 February

Chatham High Street
10am to 4pm daily

Tuesday, 21 February
Wednesday, 22 February
Thursday, 23 February

Tesco store, Tovil, Maidstone
10am to 4pm daily

Tuesday, 7 March
Wednesday, 8 March
Thursday, 9 March
Friday, 10 March
Saturday, 11 March

Lydd Community Hall
Tuesday, 14 March
10am to 4pm

William Street car park, Herne Bay
Wednesday, 15 March
10am to 4pm

Stone Pavilion
10am to 4pm
Thursday, 16 March

New Ash Green Village Centre 
2pm to 5pm
Saturday, 18 March

Gillingham High Street
10am to 4pm daily

Tuesday, 21 March
Wednesday, 22 March
Thursday, 23 March
Friday, 24 March

Hop Farm, Paddock Wood
Diabetic health event
Saturday, 25 March 10am to 4pm

Tesco store, Sheerness
10am to 4pm daily
Tuesday, 4 April
Wednesday, 5 April
Thursday, 6 April
Friday, 7 April
Saturday, 8 April