Ordering a repeat prescription


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Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions will be issued at the doctor's discretion and are normally for patients on long term treatment.  

Requests for prescriptions can be made in writing only - these will not be taken over the phone. 

We are unable to take orders or issue repeat prescriptions at the weekends, public holidays or out of normal surgery hours. 

Please allow 2 complete working days before collection and make allowances for weekends and public holidays. 

If you have an arrangement with a local pharmacy to manage your prescription requests for you, please allow 5 working days before you go to the Pharmacy to collect.

Whenever possible, please use your order form supplied at the time of your last prescription, ticking off the items you require.  Alternatively you can obtain an order form from reception. 

Please note that providing your repeat prescriptions is not just a matter of printing them out and getting them signed. The staff and doctors check every single request for various things such as:

  •  Is the request at the appropriate time (too early may indicate patients taking too much medication; too late could indicate some patients not taking their medication regularly).
  • Whether you are due a review, e.g. for blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, etc. We try to provide best care by reminding you that a review is needed.
  • Whether you require some blood tests. Some medication may require regular monitoring with blood tests.
  • Whether some drugs may no longer be necessary, or if there might be interactions between different drugs that you might be taking.
  • Making sure that dosages and instructions are correct

As you can see, the doctors take safe prescribing very seriously. This is entirely for your benefit, but at times may result in a slight delay in getting your prescription ready, especially if any of the above issues are unclear and we need to contact you for clarification.

 We would be grateful if you can be understanding and patient in such situations.