You may find that a clinician starts you on a medication but does not immediately add it to your repeat list. This is likely to be because they want to make sure that you are tolerating it well and it is working before they make it more permenent. It may also be that it is a short term medication.


To order these items you can either submit an econsult between 07.30am-10.30am, Monday - Friday using the administrative option. If you do not have internet access and you need to order a non-repeat item please call the surgery after 2pm. You will need to know the exact name of what you need to order or the Care Navigator's may be unable to order the items for you.

If you are using econsult - please select the administrative option. Once you have entered your details you will be presented with the following list:

Please select the last option - 'other requests for documents or paperwork'  and explain what is needed in the next box. Follow the rest of the form through and submit to the surgery.

The above list is a screenshot for demonstration. Please use the button below to access econsult.