What happens next?


The health care professional making the referral, usually your GP, will complete the referral to the hospital specialist. The hospital specialist will review the information and help decide how quickly you are seen.


When will I hear about my appointment?


Wait times very between different hospitals and departments. Its best to contact the hospital to find out about wait times.

I would like to be seen quicker, what can I do?


  • If you have already been seen at the hospital and are waiting for treatment, then please contact the hospital team to get a review.
  • If your condition is the same as it was on the day you were referred, then there will be no change in your waiting time, your GP won’t be able to help you get seen any quicker.
  • If your condition has worsened and you have not had your first appointment with the hospital, contact your GP surgery.

What can I do whilst i'm waiting?


Anything you do to keep healthy will help you.

  • If you smoke Why not try quitting?
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Keep active
  • If you are diabetic check your blood sugars are controlled.
  • Check your blood pressure.