Newsletter Winter 2021/2022

We appreciate that everyone has gone through difficult times over the last 18 months/2 years and so we wanted to improve communications with our patients by producing a newsletter four times a year to update on any changes and progress the surgery has made.

Meet the Team

We realise there has been several changes over the last year or so to our team and we want to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to you along with a brief summary of what they do within the practice. Every one of our teams has been part of the Covid vaccination programme and this has been taking place at the same time as carrying out their normal duties.

GP Partners

Dr Gandhi 
Dr Gandhi is the Senior Partner and specialises in minor operations and joint injections.        

Dr Bhanot
Dr Bhanot is also the Clinical Director for our Primary Care Network (PCN) and GP Federation Director.

Dr Puvi
Dr Puvi also carries out minor operations and joint injections

Dr Chile
Dr Chile is the Lead for training, development and workforce for our practice and the PCN

Dr Stokes
Dr Stokes is our newest Partner and she was previously a Salaried GP here.

All the partners work at Kent House and New Ash Green practices. 

Salaried GPs

Dr Panigrahi - Dr Chavda - Dr Ghafouri-Shiraz  - Dr Bover

Our Salaried GPs support the Partners with patient care. They also assist in looking after our patients within the local care and nursing homes.

Paramedic Practitioners

Georgie and Pete (PCN)
Paramedic Practitioners are trained to independently provide care that does not require the intervention of a doctor. They have a broad and varied skillset and Georgie is one of the first independent paramedic prescribers in the country. They report directly back to the duty GP when needed with any updates on any treatment and medication that was given. They also carry out many of the home visits that housebound, or patients who are too unwell to come to the surgery, require

Nursing Team

Clare - Practice Nurse  - Emelda - Practice Nurse  - Isabel - Practice Nurse
The Practice Nurse role is to deliver primary care nursing services which include child and adult immunisations, wound care, leg ulcer care, diabetes monitoring, contraception, cervical screening, injections (Testosterone, Zoladex, Vit B12), travel health, ring pessary changes and removal of sutures. Clare is the Infection control lead for the practice and has special interests including wound care and Diabetes. Emelda has special interest in Asthma.HJ

Gillian – Healthcare Assistant - Kate – Healthcare Assistant -  Sammy - Healthcare Assistant
Our Healthcare Assistants support the nurses with blood tests, blood pressure checks, B12 injections, ECG’s at both Kent House and New Ash Green.

Prescribing Team

Nana Clinical Pharmacist (PCN) -  Harry Clinical Pharmacist (PCN)  - Anar Clinical Pharmacist -  Zara Pharmacy Technician
Nana leads our in-house pharmacy team who deal with medication and prescription queries. Any questions or concerns you may have about your medicines can be discussed with the Clinical Pharmacist. For example, this could be regarding side-effects, interactions, medication use in pregnancy/breastfeeding. They also carry out medication reviews and reviews of long-term chronic disease management such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes and heart failure. The clinical pharmacist can review all your medicines, discuss how they are working for you, arrange for your annual checks and arrange a blood test if needed. After a stay in hospital, if your medicines have been changed while you were in hospital, the clinical pharmacist can help explain these changes and ensure you get the maximum benefit from these medicines. These are called discharge reviews.

Management Team

Sam Business Development Manager  - Jane Assistant Practice Manager -  Una Office Manager - Izzy Admin Supervisor  - Debs Reception Supervisor
The management team is responsible for managing all of the business aspects of the practice such as staffing, premises, equipment, finance and information technology. Una and Debs will deal with any complaints or suggestions that you may have.

Secretary  Team

Gel - Juliet - Val
The secretary team process all the hospital referrals and any other letters that are required.

Admin Team

Claire  - Davina  - Hannah -  Serena
Our Admin Team work behind the scenes ensuring all correspondence received from other healthcare providers including the hospital are scanned into your medical records and the coding of any problems is completed.

Reception Team

Lisa - Molly  - Dawn  - Tara -  Tracey - Barbara - Shetal -  Jo - Bridie - Kath - Debbie - Vicki - Julie - Karen - Annette - Diane - Angela - Julie - Lorraine
Our Reception Team are the front line of the practice. They have an extremely hard job to try and facilitate all requests from patients whilst following the procedures which are set by the partners and management. Please do not be offended if you are asked to provide information about your problems. Please rest assured that the rules of confidentiality apply equally to all practice staff. A brief explanation of your problem may enable them to suggest the right person for advice, or offer the most suitable appointment. Please help them to help you.

Musculo-Skeletal Team

We have a team working with us that can deal with joint pain including back and neck. You can book an appointment directly with them and don’t need to see or speak to a GP first – just ask reception.

Why are GPs needing to work differently?

We to find out more GPs, their teams, and patients have faced an extremely challenging time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite lockdown measures lifting the pandemic is still not over. Face-to-face contact has been limited across all NHS services to protect you and keep you safe from the risk of infection. All requests for an appointment will be dealt with by telephone triage in the first instance and during the discussion with the clinician it may be deemed that a face-to-face appointment is needed and this will be booked.

We will be publishing data on how many calls we receive, how many prescriptions we process, how many covid injections we have given on a monthly basis.

Face masks are a requirement when entering a healthcare setting unless you are exempt, so please bring one with you when you attend the practice.

We now have a queue system on the telephones and we hope this will guide you as to how long you may have to wait until you get through to a receptionist. If you are able, please use eConsult which can be found on our website. eConsult enables NHS based GP practices to offer online consultations to their patients. It allows patients to submit their symptoms or requests to the practice electronically and offers NHS self-help information. You can use this for medical problems, prescription queries and admin enquiries.

We hope this information helps guide you through some of our processes and helps you decide who the best clinician to see is but if there is anything else you would like us to include in the newsletter, please email

Published: Jan 10, 2022