Private work Fees and Charges

The majority of procedures, consultations and services carried out at this surgery are paid for by the NHS.  However, there are some services, such as certain vaccinations and completion of medical reports and forms, which are chargeable as they do not fall under the terms of service of the NHS Standard Contract.

Our priority is NHS work. Non-NHS work is charged in line with British Medical Association Guidelines.

Please note that GPs are not obliged to do any of the above work, it will always take second place to their clinical work. Payment is due prior to any documentation release. 

Our fees for these services are displayed below and in the surgery, however you will be notified of the charge prior to completion if requested. Private work can take up to 28 days to complete, this is in line with BMA approved national guidelines.

Adoption Medical AH Form £73.66
Adoption Medical AH 2 From £24.36
BUPA / PPP Claim Form £32.00
Child Acting (Star Agency) Form £52.00
Childminder Form £87.50
Consultation (Private per hour)   £191.00
Copying Reports (per side excluding postage) £0.58
Copying Notes Administration charge £30.00
  0.58p per side up to a maximum charge of £50.00
Court of Protection With examination £128.00
  Report only - no examination £62.50
ECG Recording of ECG £69.00
Fit Note   £15.00
Holiday cancellation Insurance claim form £32.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate £32.00
  Cancellation certificate £32.00
Immunisation for Travel    
Hep B (Adult and Paediatric) Full course = 3 doses £30 per dose
Japanese Encephalitis Full course = 2 doses £89 per dose
Meningitis ACWY Full course = 1 dose £60
Rabies Full course = 3 doses £55 per dose
Tick-Borne Encephalitis Full course = 3 doses £55 per dose
Yellow Fever (inc certificate) Full course = 1 dose £55
Yellow Fever (certificate only)   £15.00
Malaria (private prescription) Can be bought 'Over the Counter' from pharmacy £15.00
  No need for prescription  
Infection Freedom from Infection certificate £15.00
Ofsted Form £52.00
Medicals (eg. HGV / Taxi Driver) Including examination £110.00
Medical report only Patient NOT examined £85.00
Private Sick Certificate   £15.00
Records Extract from £52.00
Reports for Insurance Companies   £104.00
To Whom It May Concern Letter £32.00